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        1. Your Position: Home > News > 2021 Legenddoll Spring Event
          2021 Legenddoll Spring Event
          Erica / 2021-03-25


          Event A 

          You will get one pair of random eyes for 1USD when you purchase any items in our shop.
          Please add the eyes by this link: 1usd eyes http://www.lumigames.net/goods.php?id=27714

          Event B 

          You will get a free random wig as a gift when your order achieves 100USD(not include freight).
          Please add the wig by this link: Spring Event Free Wig http://www.lumigames.net/goods.php?id=27715


          Event C 

          You will get one pair of shoes as a gift when your order achieves 200USD(not include freight).
          Please add the shoes by this link: http://www.lumigames.net/category-882-b354-min0-max0-attr0.html

          Please note
          1. Event A/ Event B/ Event C could be added in one order.
          2. All the free gifts must be added when you place order, otherwise we won't send it with you order.

          3. The wigs and eyes in pictures are for reference only.